4 Reasons to Consider Fondant Icing When You're Ordering a Cake

4 Reasons to Consider Fondant Icing When You're Ordering a Cake

4 Reasons to Consider Fondant Icing When You're Ordering a Cake

12 December 2022
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There are plenty of things to think about when you're choosing a cake, but one of the most important is what type of icing to go for. Most people find themselves choosing between fondant and buttercream. Fondant is a mixture of sugar, gelatin, and glucose that forms a pliable icing which is rolled over a cake. In contrast, buttercream is a simple mixture of sugar and butter which is spread over a cake.

Both options have their own benefits and drawbacks, but here are just a few reasons why you should consider ordering a cake with fondant icing.

1. Allows for Creative Designs

Despite being an edible and perfectly tasty material, fondant is mainly prized for its ability to be worked into complex shapes. It forms into a clay-like consistency and can be made in a wide range of vibrant colours. This means it can be sculpted into intricate designs that will fit anything from a children's party to an important work event. Additionally, the fact that fondant has such a smooth finish means it's great for adding rice paper printed with custom images. Buttercream just can't compete when it comes to making creative and personalised designs.

2. Keeps Cake Fresh

One of the main issues with buttercream icing is that it doesn't let cakes last very long. In contrast, fondant icing actually helps keep cakes tasting great for longer. Since it can be rolled over a cake in one unbroken piece, it essentially forms a seal that protects the interior. That means you can easily order a cake ahead of time and keep it refrigerated until serving without having to worry about the taste suffering.

3. Doesn't Melt

Butter isn't known for coping with high temperatures particularly well, so it should come as no surprise to learn that buttercream icing is also vulnerable to heat. It can melt easily when not left in a cool place, and that can be particularly problematic if it's going to be served outside on a warm day or laid out for a long time during an event. With fondant, that isn't going to be a problem. It's able to handle high temperatures easily without melting.

4. Easier Transportation

If you order a cake, you'll probably have to transport it to the place it's going to be eaten. In some cases, it will need to be packed along with plenty of other items. Fondant icing should put up with transportation more easily than buttercream icing since it is harder. That makes it more structurally sound, so you're unlikely to arrive at your destination and find it's no longer looking its best.

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